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[Urgent announcement] Date : 2018-12-29

[Urgent announcement]


Dear all loving token holders and community members of EveryCoin,


We are very regrettable to make the urgent announcement regarding the EveryCoin.

Over the past 1 year, EveryCoin team has been preparing and working hard to develop the Aaron Platform, a distributed financial system. Our efforts have brought a successful ICO sales of 12,340,000,000 EYC in a short period of time despite of the cryptocurrencies' bear markets.

In addition, we made great marketing achievements which made listing agreements with world-class Exchanges such as IDAX, IDCM, LATOKEN, P2PB2B, SISTEMKOIN and BITONBAY. On December 28, 2018, EveryCoin was finally listed on IDAX and BITONBAY Exchanges.


But, now that we have to be most pleased with it, we have found a problem in the ERC-20 Smart Contact of EveryCoin, which malicious users can illegally acquire EveryCoin.

We are very concerned about protecting the EveryCoin token holders and its community. So we finally decided to redistribute the new EveryCoin token by strengthening security and conducting a token audit to protect the EveryCoin token holders and its community.

EveryCoin team has found out this problem first, and so far there have not been any damages to users' assets at all. Through taking these actions, we will ensure 100% of the assets of EveryCoin users.


Currently, all transactions of EveryCoin have been paused. Also, all transactions, deposits and withdrawals on the listed Exchanges have been suspended temporarily.

It is expected to take about 7 days for the upgraded EveryCoin token to be traded again on the Exchanges, but this may be somewhat adjusted according to schedule discussions with the Exchanges.


EveryCoin team deeply apologizes to all token holders and communities for the ERC-20 token's problem and temporary suspension of the transaction.

We are preparing a proper compensation plan to token holders for the suspended transaction period and will announce it as soon as possible.


All of EveryCoin Team sincerely apologize for any inconvenience once again and will do our best always to make EveryCoin more trustable.


Thank you very much for your supports and encouragements.



EveryCoin Team