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The announcement for evaluation of bounty Date : 2019-01-15

To everyone who loves EveryCoin.

The evaluation of the bounty, which ended on December 25, is finally over.

Our evaluation team has made a lot of efforts to give scores to as many applicants as possible. In order to conduct a fair assessment, we made objective indicators and applied the following results.


Blog : https://www.everycoin.io/?s=33_notice_viewer&no=28

Facebook : https://www.everycoin.io/?s=33_notice_viewer&no=30

Telegram : https://www.everycoin.io/?s=33_notice_viewer&no=31

Twitter : https://www.everycoin.io/?s=33_notice_viewer&no=32

Youtube : https://www.everycoin.io/?s=33_notice_viewer&no=33



For each of the bounties, we have provided guidance on payment terms and reasons for disqualification.

We also notify you of the evaluation results.


We do not disclose spreadsheets for privacy reasons.

For individual questions or appeals, please use the Aaron's Telegram Community chat or send a personal message to @Brian_EYC.

The distribution of tokens based on the results of the bounty evaluation will be made after the announcement.

We would like you to have a happy day today.

Thank you.