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[TWITTER] The announcement for evaluation of bounty Date : 2019-01-15

Budjet The total budget for the Twitter campaign is 20,000,000 EVY Tokens.
Condition After following the official Twitter account of EveryCoin, you will receive EVY when submitting the application for the reward.
- https://twitter.com/AaronJin20
- 500 EVY Token
You will receive EVY when retweeting the postings of the official EveryCoin's Twitter account.
- Low : 2,000EVY – more than 50 followers
- Middle : 5,000EVY – more than 200 followers
- High : 10,000EVY – more than 1,000 followers
Evaluation 1. Check if applicant follows Aaron system's twitter.
2. Check applicant retweets Aaron's article on his/her twitter
Retweet ponit fallowers over50 over200 over1000
2000 5000 10000
Disqualification 1. Regard as Spam if applicant applied for more than 3 times
2. Disqualification if applicant linked another company's site for promotion.
3. Disqualification if his/her account is not exist or blocked
4. Disqualification if not applicant's own Twitter
5. In case of the applicant has applied for two times, disqualification if it is difficulty to think applyers make a mistake, 


Result Point count
Approval 500 194
2500 59
5500 21
10500 20
subtotal 294
Disqualification 3841
TOTAL 4135