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Aaron System in Thailand enters into Mongolian Cryptocurrency Exchange market with UBWAVE in Mongolia. Date : 2019-03-11

Dear Aaron System and EveryCoin (EVY) members!


We have signed an investment contract with UBWave to establish and operate the AKHAN Exchange in Mongolia.

The AKHAN Exchange is the world's first Exchange which is possible to deposit and withdraw all the FIAT currencies of the world.

AKHAN Exchange has currently completed the system preparation and is in beta testing.

It is also preparing for pre-sale of DKHAN Coin ahead of Grand Open.


For more information, check out the following article on Global Coin Report.


The signing of the investment contract on AKHAN Exchange in Mongolia will serve as a momentum for EveryCoin and TabiPay of Aaron Platform to be used widely in real life.

The EveryCoin team will continue to move on to make EVY the ultimate blockchain.

Thank you.