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EveryCoin(EVY) is listed on P2PB2B Exchange Date : 2019-03-11

Dear loving EveryCoin(EVY) Holders and Communities' members,

At 11:00:00(UTC+2) on March 12, EveryCoin was finally listed on P2PB2B Exchange with strong security features. 

The P2PB2B Exchange is based in Europe, which currently ranks within the top 20 in the Coinmarketcap's Exchange ranking and especially has been gaining much attention recently.

For trading markets in it, 3 kinds of trading pairs are being opened: BTC, ETH and USD.

Starting with its listing as IDAX, EveryCoin(EVY) has been listed sequentially through BitOnBay, IDCM, LATOKEN and SISTEMKOIN, and today it is listed on P2PB2P as the 6th Exchange of EveryCoin. 

Now that many coins even fail to be listed on a Exchange, we think we've been able to list EveryCoin(EVY) on Exchanges step by step under your support and encouragement, as we promised 

We hope that you will keep loving EveryCoin(EVY) and have a great time with vivid trading on P2PB2B Exchange.

Thank you very much!


* P2PB2B Exchange Trading Link: https://p2pb2b.io/trade