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100,000,000 EveryCoin(EVY) marketing competition event for listing celebration on P2PB2B Exchange Date : 2019-03-12


To celebrate the listing of EveryCoin(EVY) on P2PB2B Exchange, we have prepared the marketing competition event with maximum 100,000,000 EveryCoin(EVY) for the users as follows:

Don't miss out on this event where you'll get a bonus reward through many transactions!

Thank you very much.


* EveryCoin(EVY) Purchase Event

1) Content: EveryCoin(EVY) reward to EveryCoin(EVY)’s purchasers on accumulated net transaction volume according to the following terms and conditions during the event period.

Accumulated Net Transaction Volume of EveryCoin(EVY)

EveryCoin’s bonus reward rate on Accumulated Net Transaction Volume


Less than 999,999 EVY


Maximum Reward Limit

per account:

3,000,000 EVY

1,000,000 ~ 2,999,999 EVY


More than 3,000,000 EVY


* For example, if the accumulated net transaction volume of an account is 1,500,000 EVY during Event period, 300,000 EVY will be rewarded.

2) Calculation formula of net transaction volume

: Buying volume – Selling volume, excluding Self-transaction volume

3) Event Market: Total net transaction volumes at EVY/BTC market

4) Event period: 11:00:00 (UTC+2), Mar 12, 2019 ~ 12:59:59 (UTC+2), Mar 18, 2019

5) Total event reward: 100,000,000 EVY (On reaching 100,000,000 EVY prepared for reward, the event will be ended immediately without notice despite of event period)

6) Reward distribution date: Within 10 days on the end of the event.

7) The final interpretation right of this event is owned by P2PB2B and EveryCoin(EVY) Team.


* Trading link for EveryCoin: https://p2pb2b.io/trade