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[Additional Market Listing Announcement: Adding EVY to the ETH Market Trading in SISTEMKOIN Exchange] Date : 2019-08-23

Celebrating  EVY listed on ETH market of SistemKoin 


Dear loving EveryCoin users,

Thanks to your support, we are very pleased to announce that EVY is added to the ETH market of the SISTEMKOIN Exchange.

As previously announced, SISTEMKOIN Exchange is currently a strong player in Turkey and Europe's cryptocurrency markets. 
And it is the one of the fast-growing cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world. 

Due to strong requests from many users, ETH (Ethereum) Market which is another main market besides the existing TRY (Turkey Lira) and BTC (Bitcoin) Market is now available for EveryCoin’s trading as of August 22, 2019.

You can meet EveryCoin in 3 markets: TRY, BTC and ETH.

We ask for your support and attention all the time, and we will continue to work hard for you always. 

Thank you.