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[Listing Notice] EveryCoin(EVY) will be officially listed on AKHAN Exchange Date : 2019-10-11


Dear loving EveryCoin users,


We are very happy to announce that EveryCoin will be listed on AKHAN Exchange as EveryCoin’s 8th Exchange.


AKHAN Exchange is the Mongolian-based cryptocurrency Exchange. Currently, it is the one of the emerging Exchanges that has recently gained much attention from the coin holders of Asia and Europe mainly.

Here is the grand open schedule for trading and withdrawal in AKAHN Exchange. (https://www.akhanex.com)

1. Trade open: 9am on October 20, 2019 (GMT+8) (Korean Time: 10 am)

2. Withdrawal open: 4pm on October 21, 2019 (GMT+8) (Korean time: 5 pm)

You may also find the listing notification on https://www.akhanex.com/newsnotice


No matter how hard it is in cryptocurrency market, EveryCoin(EVY) never stops going forward.

With your great support and attention, EveryCoin(EVY) will keep walking the road to success bravely. 


Thank you all the time and see you in AKHAN Exchange very soon.