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[Listing Notice] EveryCoin will be listed on BITSONIC Exchange Date : 2019-12-03


Dear EveryCoin holders and Community members!

We are pleased to announce that EveryCoin will be finally listed on the BITSONIC(www.bitsonic.co.kr/) Exchange, one of the major markets for cryptocurrencies.

The listing date of EveryCoin is as follows;
1. Deposit and withdrawal wallet open: December 5, 2019 at 12 p.m. (Korean time, UTC+9)
2. Trading Open: December 5, 2019 at 3 p.m. (Korean time, UTC+9)
3. Trading Market: KRW Market

For less than a year, EveryCoin has been successfully listed on 8 global Exchanges, including BitOnBay, IDCM, LATOKEN, SISTEMKOIN, P2PB2B, OEX and AKHAN, with IDAX at the forefront.

Now that EveryCoin is listed on BITSONIC in Korea as the 9th global Exchange of EveryCoin, users can now trade on the Exchange in Korea, the major market for cryptocurrencies.

In particular, as EveryCoin is available for trading on Korean Won(KRW) for the first time among EveryCoin’s trading markets, we believe that it is a good opportunity for users in Korea and other countries to become more enriched in terms of liquidity by easily accessing EveryCoin with interests.

Therefore, it is expected that EveryCoin will be upgraded one step further.

Although the cryptocurrency market is in an untidy state and still in the cold winter, EveryCoin is moving forward.

EveryCoin’s effort with trying to provide you with various trading markets in much more Exchanges will never stop.

We ask for your continued support and love, and hope that you enjoy the Korean cryptocurrency market on the BISONIC Exchange.

Thank you.

* Link to the BITSONIC public announcement: https://bitsonic.co.kr/front/cs/detail/1264