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[Listing Announcement] EveryCoin(EVY) is officially listed on Coineal Exchange. Date : 2020-04-16

Dear EveryCoin(EVY) users,

Thanks to the support of users, EveryCoin(EVY) has been listed on Coineal Exchange (www.coineal.com) as the 10th global Exchange of EveryCoin(EVY) as follows.

1. Trading start time: April 16, 2020, 15:00 (GMT + 9)

2. Trading Market: USDT Market

3. Deposit and withdrawal: To be announced later at Coineal Exchange

Coineal Exchange is a renowned Exchange that ranks 15th in the global Exchange ranking of CoinMarketCap as of today.

EveryCoin(EVY) has been successfully listed on 9 global Exchanges such as IDAX, BitOnBay, IDCM, LATOKEN, SISTEMKOIN, P2PB2B, OEX, AKHAN and BITSONIC so far.

The EveryCoin(EVY) team will always make every effort to ensure that EveryCoin(EVY) is for users, by users and for users. So, please give us your continued support and encouragement.

Thank you.

* EveryCoin(EVY) listing announcement link: https://support.coineal.com/hc/en-001/articles/360046634573-Coineal-Will-List-EVY-EveryCoin-on-Apr-16-2020