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Members' asset transfer request from Probit Korea (probit.kr) to Probit Global (probit.com) Date : 2021-06-01

Dear EveryCoin Holders and Community Members,


According to the guidelines of the Bank Federation in Korea for the KRW pair in Probit Korea Exchange(www.Probit.kr), the trading of EVY/KRW will be closed at 17:00(UTC+9), June 3, 2021.

Instead of EVY/KRW pair in Probit Korea(www.probit.kr), EVY/USDT pair in Probit Global(www.probit.com) will be open at 14:00(UTC+9), June 3, 2021.

Before the end of trading support, your all outstanding orders in the markets on Probit Korea(www.probit.kr) Exchange must be canceled by you.

Somehow, please transfer your assets into Probit Global(www.probit.com) from Probit Korea(www.probit.kr).

There are not any fees for the transfer between Probit Korea and Probit Global.


Example) How to transfer assets from ProBit Korea to ProBit Global:

Log in to ProBit (probit.kr) and go to wallet → Click 'Transfer' on the coin you want to transfer → Enter amount → Click 'Transfer Assets'






If you have any inquiries about asset transfer, please ask Probit Korea Exchange at https://support.probit.kr/hc/ko/requests/new

Thank you for your cooperation and support always.



EveryCoin(EVY) Team